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What New Jersey Homeowners Are Saying"Greg Tanner was on time, thorough, professional, courteous and gave me a fair price for the job done. He also suggested ways to help me save on the cost of the repair. Overall, I was very pleased with Greg and his company and would recommend him to my family and friends." -- Englishtown, NJ Read More

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Owning a home in Cliffwood Beach Beach is a great experience. There is a lot of responsibility that comes along with it, however. Maintaining the property and making sure everything on the inside of the house is in good working order is a must in order to avoid huge headaches. This includes your home's plumbing. Cliffwood Beach Beach homeowners should know when it's time to call in a plumber rather than attempt to make repairs on their own. Here are a few situations in which you should always call in the services of a professional plumber.

Repairing Gas Lines

One of the biggest dangers of trying to work on your own gas lines is leaks. Most people believe that if you can't smell gas then there are no leaks. The truth is, small leaks do not always emit an odor. As such, you could have a leak and not even know it.

Many cities and towns require that anyone working on gas lines be a licensed professional. This is to protect your safety. Special pressure-testing equipment is needed in order to ensure there are no leaks. This pressure-testing tool is a standard tool when it comes to professional plumbing. Cliffwood Beach Beach residents should never attempt to work on their own gas lines.

Need another reason not to work on your own gas lines? Here's one. It is imperative that all fittings and joints on your gas system be properly fitted. If they aren't you could have one of those small leaks mentioned earlier. In order to properly thread pipes and fittings so they fit snugly you need special threading equipment, and it's costly. You could go out and purchase some, but it's highly impractical, and still will not make you an overnight expert.

Water and Sewer Lines

This is another situation in which you should call for professional plumbing. Cliffwood Beach Beach, like other communities, has curbside shutoff valves that usually need to be shut off before any work can be done. It's highly unlikely that you own one of the special rods that are used to shut the lines down - or that you would know how and where to safely locate them.

As far as your sewer lines go, many residents try to clear out clogged sewer lines with a handy piece of equipment called a snake. It's a long piece of flexible wire that can be inserted right into your drain to unclog a line. There's nothing wrong with this. However, if the line continually clogs, you've got something going on in there that needs the attention of a plumber. If the line is broken or back-pitched, repairing it yourself is next to impossible.

Summing It All Up

As a rule of thumb, if you feel as if you can make the repair yourself, and you have the know-how and tools to do it properly, it's probably OK to give it a shot for the most basic plumbing hiccups. If, however, the problem lies with the gas lines or sewer lines it's always best to let a plumber do the plumbing. Cliffwood Beach Beach residents would do well to follow this rule of thumb.

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"I want to thank Greg and his crew for a very professional, timely, and clean gas water heater, boiler, and baseboard installation. From the initial callback quote, installation, and clean up, FS Plumbing did a superb job and would highly recommend him. Thank you again Greg for a job well done."

| Rated: 5/5

Cliffwood Beach, NJ

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