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What New Jersey Homeowners Are Saying"VERY professional! The installers explained what they were doing and they did a very good, complete and even clean job. They give you an exact timeframe when they will do the work and they show up on time. This is a company I highly recommend." -- Hazlet, NJ Read More

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Monmouth County Air Duct Cleaning - New Jersey Air Duct Cleaning Service

Duct Cleaning

Experts will tell you that regular air duct cleaning is essential to creating a clean and safe environment for your family. We at FS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling understand the importance of your family’s health and safety. Our experienced staff provides the highest quality workmanship and dedication to excellent service. We believe in the importance of providing fast, dependable and quality service for your home improvement and repair needs.

Before and After Pictures of Client's Air Duct System

Air Duct Cleaning Brfore and After Pictures

Clogged ducts can lead to a variety of health hazards - including allergies or dry skin - and can also put your home or office at greater risk for a fire.  Our Air Duct Cleaning Service covers the entire duct system, FS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling will quickly assess your needs and provide you with an upfront price and no “hidden surprises”.

Think You Got the Best Pricing from a Competitor? Check out our list of questions to ask to make sure your pricing is upfront and you won't get any HIDDEN SURPRISES when they show up at your door. Click here

Among our extensive Air Duct Cleaning Services you’ll find the following:

  1. Clean/Sanitize all registers/vents
  2. Clean all vent covers
  3. Clean all main trunk lines
  4. All returns included
  5. Filter change (standard size)
  6. Clean coil (if accessible)
  7. Includes all access panels
  8. Video camera if desired
  9. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get a First Hand Look at How Air Duct Cleaning Works and The Process that FS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Does For Every Job!

Duct Cleaning Solutions for Ocean County Homeowners

We live in a world where healthy living has become a way of life. We diet and exercise to make ourselves feel better. We have also taken on environmental issues to make our world a cleaner and safer place to live. Yet the most overlooked issue is the air that we breathe.
The Environmental Protection Agency claims that Monmouth County indoor air has been found to be up to 20 times more polluted than outdoor air. Now consider that most people spend about 60% to 90% of their time indoors... The facts can be quite alarming.

Dirt, dust, mold, pollen and animal dander are re-circulated through our air ducts every time we turn on our heat or air conditioner. Combine this with moisture and you have the ideal breeding ground for fungi, germs and household mold. Studies have confirmed that some diseases, including salmonella, strep and legionnaires disease are spread by contaminated air ducts.

It is important to note at this time that if you choose to do air duct cleaning, the entire HVAC system needs to be cleaned, not just the air ducts. Cleaning the air ducts without cleaning the HVAC unit itself is not acceptable. HVAC system cleaning is just that: removing dirt and debris from the ductwork and air moving equipment. Current cleaning standards recommended by the National Air Duct Cleaner's Association (ACR 2005) require that non-porous air conveyance system surfaces must be visibly clean and capable of cleanliness verification tests.

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Contact us now for more information on our air duct cleaning services at 732-409-6734 or complete our online service request form.



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